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£1749.99 +OTR*

Agility 50 with its classic city styling and urban looks, offers riders a comfortable, safe and agile scooter, able to manoeuvre and navigate quickly and easily through traffic. Offering maximum comfort with extremely competitive running costs. The new Euro5 is equipped with a 50cc 4-stroke single cylinder engine that deploys an impressive power output of 2.4 kW (3.2 HP) at 7500 rpm.  The engine is air cooled and powered by a 5L tank.  The Agility 50’s engine delivers an amazing fuel consumption which remains low at 2.1L /100km.  The consumption of below 45 km/L is thanks to the ingenious ECS electronic carburettor.


£2559.99 +OTR*

The new Agility City+ 125 has stunning angular lines in its bodywork that reflect its dynamic character and strong urban personality that brings the complete package for practicality, performance, economy and comfort. The new Euro 5 model is a comfortable, safe, agile scooter, able to move quickly in traffic, offering maximum comfort and extremely competitive running costs. The suspension system comes with a comfortable 33mm hydraulic telescopic fork and a 95mm travel at the front and a rear single swing arm with adjustable hydraulic shock absorber with 81mm travel.  

The new X-Town 125 Euro 5 maxi type scooter brings a whole new sporty appearance and provides extra comfort for a superior riding experience.  In addition to an improved exterior design, we have added a unique, distinctive "X" shaped LED taillight.  The new X-Town also fulfils the long-haul rider's major need for comfort.  In order to achieve maximum levels of comfort, the rider’s position has been redesigned. 


£3799.99 +OTR*


£5299.99 +OTR*

The DTX 320 also comes with TCS (Traction Control System) to bring out the true capabilities of this bike, and push to your limit the adventure you can experience on and off the traditional road! With TCS, DTX 320 becomes much easier to control, more comfortable to ride and more effective and efficient on different terrains.


£9999.99 +OTR*

The brand-new vehicle design makes the new AK 550 Premium even more elegant and aerodynamic, with the capability of direct air flow and air passages to allow the new AK 550 to cruise through the air, allowing for even more performance capabilities. Inspired by piano keys, the new AK 550’s center console features functionality options that are user-friendly and intuitive. These physical buttons allow riders to control operations such as fuel tank cap, seat storage access, dashboard display settings, and handlebar locks.


£2449.99 +OTR*

The new restyled 2022 Euro 5, Super 8 R Sports Urban 50cc scooter has an uncompromising racing soul, with its sleek design lines inspired by the world of motorcycle racing. This stylish 50cc boasts LED headlights, new cool modern colours and sports decal aesthetics, a muscular and aggressive stance and 14-inch alloy wheels.  Its large flat floor offers riders a pleasant and convenient step through access for easy boarding. This scooter is equipped with the latest technological innovations.  It is equipped with an air-cooled, 4-stroke engine, pushing out a maximum power of 2.4 kW (3.2 HP) at 7,500 rpm, which is the highest power of all our 50cc scooters.  


£3499.99 +OTR*

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 13.16.02.png

The i-One is KYMCO UK’s first step towards eliminating barriers to going green in the scooter industry. The i-One is the first KYMCO IONEX EV model that is debuting in the UK, and with its efficiency and reliability within tough urban environments, its sure make an immediate impact in any UK city and built-up area.

Kymco DTX


£4499.99 +OTR*

Most people believe that scooter riders simply use their vehicles for daily routines; They assume scooters are built to be used for motorway commute and city mobility only. Yet underneath the surface lies urban riders’ unfulfilled quest to occasionally get out of their comfort zones and expand their horizons in all directions.


£9899.99 +OTR*

KYMCO’s flagship AK 550 sets the bar for the perfect integration of sports touring and premium design, with the utmost attention given to every detail. From the streamlined modern body lines with full LED lighting, to the multi-textured seating surfaces, it not only stands out from the crowd but also gives the rider pride of ownership. AK 550 has the lowest centre of gravity in its class, engineered to give the vehicle a near 50/50 front to rear weight distribution, for a perfect balance.  This strategic placement of the centre of gravity provides the ultimate handling capability, like that expected of premium motorcycles.


£10999.99 +OTR*

The unique characteristic of CV3's front two-wheel design allows CV3 to provide extra stability and confidence, under any circumstance. Enhancements such as two drive modes, heated grips, keyless one touch start, cruise control and ABS braking all come as standard to make CV3 the new standard for three-wheeled scooters.

*OTR (On The Road) package includes: First registration fee with DVLA, Road duty tax, number plates, L plates, fuel, Full PDI check etc...

Up to 150cc: £150 | 151cc-400cc: £200 | 401cc-600cc: £225 | Over 601cc: £250 | All quads: £250

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