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Engineered with safety and fun in mind, the AC/DC has a parental 3-speed switch to control max speed from 5 mph to 17 mph to stop any would-be joy riders crashing into the nearest fence!!! There are also 3 gears, forward, neutral and reverse. A quality 36v 800watt DC motor provides the go-go juice, whilst 3 cable operated disk brakes (operated from the handle bars) provide the stopping power. We supply a quality charger with the ATV to charge the high capacity sealed lead acid batteries.



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The Fox 70 is the smallest ATV aimed at children (supervised) from 4 years and upwards. From the manufacturers of Stomp Pit Bikes and with significant design input from Stomp Racing in the UK, you can rest assured the Fox70 has been carefully considered with safety, performance, durability and ultimately fun being the key factors. The Fox70 features electric start and is fully automatic with adjustable throttle restrictor & safety cut-out lanyard. The exhaust has been designed to be quiet & the electrics are of quality construction to cope with regular power washing



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The brand new Kayo electric ATVs utilise the unsurpassed high-performance chassis featured on their well-proven petrol machines. This time however, Kayo have switched-up the powertrain for a silky smooth hi-tech brushless motor and speed controller configuration. This provides riders like you with a state of the art electric quad that is surely impossible to beat.

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