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Price - £4595.00

Velimotor VMX12 is a bike aimed at the recreational motorcross rider who prefers the feel of riding a full sized motorbike. Not only does the VMX12 boast a full 12Kw motor, 72V battery as standard, but a carefully chosen gearing ratio to optimise the power. This is also assisted by the 4 gears available to the rider.Gear One allows for the more aggressive take off speed, plus coping with inclines and challenging terrain, but would naturally be limited in top speed. On the other hand Gear Four will be aimed at delivering top end speed. However the motor in these bikes is so powerful it can easily cope with a simple ‘Twist and Go’ option in the higher gears too.

Motor-permanent magnet synchronous 72v dc
Top speed-75 mph
Drive-‘twist’ electronic throttle
Peak power / voltage-Peak 72v (dc) / 12kw
Range-30 to 75 miles
Battery-Lg lithium battery system 72v 40ah
Speedometer-Lcd digital speedo, gear
Gearing-front 13t, rear 42t cnc / 4 gear shift
Charger-fast ac180-240v, 50-60hz, output:92.4v, 20a
Start-start button with remote activation
Waterproof-Electrics: ip67 (body ip54)

Chassis material-Machine welded steel
Front suspension-fast ace usd 48mm ø (pl&r adjustable)
Rear suspension-Fast ace 300mm 40mm (pl&r adj)
Tyres-F21” mxcst80/100 / r18” mxcst110/100
Brakes-F dual piston / r single piston
Foot brake-Yes
Net weight-95 kg
Max rider weight-150 kg
Wheel base-1350 mm
Seat height-880 mm
Clearance-370 mm
Head angle-25°

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