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Living with the CU mini is effortless, thanks to the patented 600-watt motor that offers dynamic throttle control for navigating through city traffic with ease. The removable lithium-ion battery offers true flexibility and can be charged at home or work from any standard 3-pin UK plug outlet and weighs in at just 7kg! With a limited top speed of 25mph, the CU mini is also AM licence compliant too, which means it can be ridden from 16 years of age with a valid CBT, or by those who obtained a car licence before 2001.


With unrivalled build quality, the Super Soco CU mini offers a robust and beautifully packaged statement for the urban commuter. With design cues taken directly from its CUx bigger brother, the CU mini is a statement machine, built to be accessible, easy to live with, and stunning to look at.


The CU mini pushes the boundaries of what’s possible from a lightweight urban electric commuter. It features the lightest battery in its class, that doesn’t sacrifice on the useable range, with up to 40 kilometres between charges. Keyless ignition aids with ease of operation and an in-built alarm and tracking feature boast industry-leading security. And, coupled with the Super Soco app; you can track the bike in real time, and monitor the state of charge from a mobile device.

Pre ozev grant price - £1,849 + on the road charge

Price - £1,699 + on the road charge

Introducing the Super Soco CU mini; the answer to lightweight and affordable electric urban transportation. Safer than an e-scooter, and with more range, the CU mini redefines just how simple it can be to get around our cities and urban areas affordably and does so in an environmentally responsible way. The twist and go throttle enables effortless progression through the urban jungle in a stable manner, and the braking system allows for progressive stopping power from the 130mm front and rear discs

  • 600-watt motor

  • 7kg lightweight removable lithium-ion battery

  • Twist and go ease

  • Super soco cux inspired design

  • Led lighting

  • Ride from 16 years old on cbt

  • 40 kilometre / 25 mile range

  • Keyless ignition

  • Usb port

  • Alarm and tracking device

* £150.00 On The Road package which consists of first registration DVLA fee, road tax, registration plates, L plates, full PDI check, fuel, pre-collection valet.

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