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Price - £499.00

Engineered with safety and fun in mind, the AC/DC has a parental 3-speed switch to control max speed from 5 mph to 17 mph to stop any would-be joy riders crashing. There are also 3 gears, forward, neutral and reverse.

A quality 36v 800watt DC motor provides the go-go juice, whilst 3 cable operated disk brakes (operated from the handle bars) provide the stopping power. We supply a quality charger with the ATV to charge the high capacity sealed lead acid batteries.

The knobbly pneumatic off-road tyres and independent suspension means that most basic terrain can be tackled with ease.

Please note: Max rider weight 40 kg. Do not attempt to tackle steep inclines. If the ATV becomes stuck, do not continue to apply electrical load as damage may occur to the motor or electronics. Do not attempt to ride in long grass or other heavy undergrowth. Supervision required at all times.

  • Motor: 800W/36V

  • 3 x 12V12A lead acid battery

  • Gear: Forward and reverse

  • Charger: included

  • 6" wheels,

  • Max speed: 16 mph

  • Max load capacity: 60kgs

  • Brake system: 2 front and one rear mechanical disc brake

  • Dimension:1060mm(L)*605mm(W)*690(H)

  • Wheelbase:700mm

  • Seat height:450mm

  • Dry weight:45kg

  • 3-speed limit system

  • Lowest speed: 5 mph

  • Middle speed: 10mph

  • Top speed: 16 mph

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